Dating a high schooler

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Dating a high schooler

The downside of the water means that the pressure and resistance make the training extra hard.

Because of Hyūga and Kiyoshi's encounter, Kiyoshi founded the club and started recruiting members.In the following Winter Cup, they beat Tōō Academy in the first round, defeated Yōsen High in the quarter-finals and bested Kaijō High in the semi-finals.After an extremely tough game against Rakuzan High, Seirin came out victorious and won the Winter Cup.They won after a very turbulent match and gained a ticket to the Winter Cup. The first round was against Tōō High, the opponents they lost to last time.All odds were against Seirin, but with the awakening of Kagami and the battle of Aomine and Kagami's Zone ability eventually led to Seirin's win with one point.

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