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Conference hall Reci and congress hall Slovo merged into one room, forme a spacious hall suitable for large seminars or workshops, professional conferences and meetings or smaller conferences.But it is not reserved only for business events, because in combination with additional services that FORUM Zagreb provides it easily becomes perfect place for banquets, cocktail parties or similar social and family celebrations.EQUIPMENT (included in the price of hall): • Panel (flipchart) • Whiteboard • Projection screen • Wireless Internet • Induction loop For a complete offer of audiovisual equipment and services go to our section on Services.Slovo congress hall is the largest hall in the FORUM Zagreb congress center with a size of 193m2 and it is located on the northern side of the center, next to the Zemlji hall, which are separated by a moving partition or a track wall.This represents a dramatic decrease from the communist era, but newspaper publishing rebounded only slightly in the 2000s with an average of around 300 titles produced per year. Other important collections can be found in the libraries of various regional universities and in many archives.Major libraries in the countries that were former Yugoslav republics will also have significant holdings of Croatian newspapers, especially from the communist era.

The industry suffered, with newspapers being shut down every year.It is rectangular and it can accommodate from 51 persons in U shape style to up to 160 people in auditorium style.In addition to business conferences, thanks to additional services (like hall decorations, lounge furniture, flower arrangements, music, light, etc.) the Slovo hall is also suitable for more informal events like banquets for 108 people or cocktail parties for 150 people.With the end of neo-absolutism and the creation of the Dual Monarchy of Austro-Hungary in 1867, freedom of the press was restored.The 1860s witnessed the rise of a political press and the 1870s the development of the socialist press.

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It also has the inductive loop (communication aid for the hearing impaired).