Internet dating aspergers

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Internet dating aspergers

Asperger syndrome - also referred to as Asperger's syndrome, Asperger's, Aspergers or just AS - is one of five neurobiological pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), and is characterized by deficiencies in social and communication skills, normal to above normal intelligence, and standard language development.I've been dating a guy for a little over a month now, and he just recently told me that he has Asperger's Syndrome. Here are three "rules" for you to follow: 1.There is a third option: maybe he just DOESN" T WANT to talk about it. I'll add that I abhor the idea of "cheating". However, there are a lot of ppl that would argue that as long as you're not engaged, "all's fair in love..." so seeing other ppl, in their opinion is totally fair.That's not an AS/NT issue, it's more about personal point of view.I have this instinct that's the worst thing I could do.) But -- reading some of the input here -- I'm a little worried I'm NOT doing the caring thing. thanks for all your advice, I was patient with him, but we ended up deciding that it wasn't meant to be.

Sometimes, aspies can workout fair compromises so that the needs/feelings of both parties are met and dealt with.

As to him pulling away for a week or so, well that's not uncommon for an aspie.

It is fair for you though, to ask him to help you understand what he wants you to do during those times.

Still, you have to be ensured that he's not out roaming the bars; on some kinda' seriel killing spree; home alone crying his eyes out; or anything else that you'd deem socially inapproppriate.

(chances are he's playing computer games, trying to stay comfortably numb ). I guess that I should hasten to add that knowing my condition and the (lack of) progress that I've made in being able to interact at a level that most NT's would find "acceptable", I've resigned to never enter another relationship.

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To sock it in even harder, maybe you could look up BPD and see the difficulties people like that have because, among other things, they don't discriminate sufficiently. Maybe she should just go get an extravert boyfriend and let the poor other guy be himself.

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