Sangean tonari no tooi hito online dating

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Sangean tonari no tooi hito online dating

I stumbled upon this manga, like many times before, with rather low expectations.

To my surprise this turned out to be the first of a series of great findings, really different to my previous reads, by the pen of Suzuki Tsuta.

It's so refreshing to read something like that, where the character actually cares about the safety and comfort of their loved one. "Let's just skip all the other bull**** and get to the good part. I kind of wish we had one more chapter with the main couple instead of the extra on the writer at the end.There is no major drama here, no society or infidelity problems, it could almost be considered lacking in the romance department, and the sex scenes are close to zero.After all, the focus of the story is Mitsuya’s inner development, so much that everything turns out to be a journey for the reader to have a proper understanding about every painful detail that made him the way he is.In the end Tsuta manages to impress without a complex arrangement of events, and it’s exactly that smooth way of presenting something so common what makes this a great read! You are invited to join and participate in the discussion.This was exactly the case for Mitsuya, a recently transferred company executive who found out that the person living three doors down from his new apartment was none other than Noboru, his older's brother best friend... As a young and brash middle schooler, Mitsuya had forcefully kissed Noboru and drove him away.

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