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We are treated to another delightful Saga moment when Henrik asks her if she ever wanted children. ” Jeanette has regained consciousness in hospital so Saga and Henrik head there. A message arrives on Freddie’s phone with a picture of the baby and a message which we don’t get to see. Freddie heads off to the place he was told to go to in the message he received which is a scrapyard. As Freddie approaches, the person with binoculars sees Saga’s car arriving. Saga and Henrik push him away and shout that it is empty. John has returned to work after his daughter was shot. It’s a book entitled ‘Crisis Support for Accidents, Catastrophes and Harrowing Experiences: Strengthening Your Resistance’. Henrik and Saga go to Claes’ house but there is no-one there. We see him in his car taking a call from his assistant who tells him the police are looking for him. The assistant phones the police and says she was telling him they were looking for him but he couldn’t hear her.

She doesn’t remember anything and wants to know what happened to Marc. He shows Asa who says he can’t go and meet the kidnapper because of all the people he has killed and she thinks he will kill Freddie too and recommends he call the police. Saga isn’t happy to see Rasmus when they return to the police station and even less so when he says he is now a part of the case and that he replaced her when she was away. He shows them the dollhouse which was found in the room where Jeanette was found with the murder depictions in each room. In Henrik’s flat, he tells Saga that the manifestations of his children are back. He says that the stuff with Freddie’s baby are bringing up lots of memories.

Freddie and his henchman are tracing the transmitter that he had put in Jeanette’s mobile phone and they find her unconscious and bloody in a barn, with no sign of the baby.He heads out into his car and drives off, followed by Rasmus. John directs Rasmus to where the transponder in the helicopter is. Sadly, Rasmus is still alive and had his bullet proof vest on.Freddie lands and as he walks towards another warehouse, Emil comes out holding a gun to the baby’s head and says “Hello dad”. Freddie comes round in a room with two nooses and he is tied up.Henrik takes Freddie to the police station for questioning after he had explained that Jeanette was his surrogate mother.He tells Henrik that he had found Marc shot at the cottage and Henrik asks if he told the police about that. Rasmus is drafted in to replace Saga and he tells Henrik that despite what he might have heard, he is a “damn good police”. Now that the baby has been taken, Henrik prompts Linn to call in all available resources, which includes Saga. The father of Annika comes in to speak to Saga and Henrik and tells them that he is not her real father.

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He takes the baby and runs out of the barn and sees he is in the middle of nowhere.