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This is something that you should definitely try out when given the opportunity. The Mazda 6 on the other hand does not suffer from having a too large dash area to fill up. The driver will be rewarded with a sound similar to running over a rumble strip when he/she is being naughty and switches lane without signaling or falls asleep on the steering wheel …. Many of the controls from the earlier HU in the outgoing model are now integrated to the TFT touchscreen which as radio tuner, CD, MP3, AUX & USB as well as Bluetooth connectivity functions.

or being dumb enough to drive drunk after all that . It has the same navigation as found in the Mazda 3 and CX-5 and personally I hoped it could have been larger.

Since it’s a public account, I wont be putting up gambar gedik2 selfie, we-fie, silly and stupid photos so sape2 yang ada severe allergy to selfies and we-fies, boleh lah follow the If any of you ever terserempak with any one of us anywhere in the world anytime in the future, do say hi.

We might look unfriendly and aloof, but we are not that bad actually, we dont bite .

Other seasonings like reliability, affordability and after sales are tossed in and in the hands of masterful engineers, a hot seller is produced. Guess if a female were to drive this, she’d probably be perceived as drinking something manly like beer ….. It looks great, especially when most of the design from concept to production is carried forward, exception being some changes to the headlights and fog lamp area. A standard 2.0litre Sky Activ Bento, a 2.5litre Sky Activ Bento Special and a 2.5litre hatchback Touring Sky Activ Super Bento. Measuring 4,865mm in length, 1,840mm in width and 1,450mm in height with a wheelbase of 2,830mm, the new Mazda 6 is 110mm longer, 45mm wider, 10mm higher and most importantly, wheelbase is 105mm longer than its predecessor. Push the engine pass 3,000rpm and the 2.5litre mill starts singing in a low growl that you can only get in anything above 2litres of engine cc. Mazda embarked on a journey to give you a meal as heavy as a full serving of oily tempura with high sodium fried rice minus the fat and calories.

And this is where the new Mazda 6, the 3rd revision of the Mazda flagship menu attempts to entice its buyers to give it a try and (hopefully) get addicted to it enough to part ways with their hard earned money and poison their friends and relatives to do the same. Recently, Bermaz had a media preview of the new Mazda 6 at their showroom and members of the media were invited to a drive up to Bukit Tinggi and back. The aggressive front fascia makes any female driving this looking like a butch … In line with keeping with the family appearances, the Mazda 6, like the CX-5 sports the new grille which features a logo-on-wings design. There weren’t any Touring wagon when I arrived at the showroom but I did managed to snap some pictures of the 2.0 vs 2.5. In terms of competing in the segment, its wheelbase betters even the Honda Accord which was once the class leader in this area before the Belgium chocolate Ford Mondeo was introduced. At the back, the rear is kept neat and simple, with the most eye catching element being the chrome bar joining the tail lamps that looks like it was inspired by what Masked Riders would have decorated their rides . It sounds very different from the Nissan Teana’s V6 even though they both have the same engine capacity; the Nissan has a sharper, more mechanical-like whirl whereas the Mazda emits a more low key guttural tone. This high-energy-low-fat Japanese salad offering is done via a Sky Activ-Drive, Sky Activ-Engine, Sky Activ-Body and Sky Activ-Chassis. No official news on its price although Bermaz has release the speculative price of RM159,440.20 for the 2.0 sedan, RM187,659.30 for the 2.5 sedan and RM191,763.30 for the Grand Touring (all OTR prices inclusive of insurance).

And I have made that account public so sape2 boleh nak sekodeng or nak follow .

True enough, Bermaz was allowing the public to test the car and like any hungry person who just stumbled upon a restaurant with nice food smells wafting out, I quickly signed up for a test drive. the 2.0 (the blue one) has a somewhat conventional projector design. The 2.5litre however gets LED Daytime Running Lights, auto levelling, auto On/Off bi-xenon headlamps. But we can’t tell cabin space just looking at the wheelbase (case to point: the Passat vs Peugeot 508 where despite the 508 trumping the Passat by almost 100mm, rear legroom is pathetic compared to even its smaller sibling, the 408). At 0.27, it’s the same value as Japan’s heavy weight beef, the Nissan GTR. The 2.5litre can hit a top speed of 221kph before the engine shouts “Ya ma te! In the windy roads of Glenmarie, I had a chance to experience it all as a whole …. Despite the car being a D segment, it handled almost as a good as a Ford Focus. The Mazda 6 2.5litre is the only model in Mazda’s current range to feature i-Eloop, a regenerative braking system that captures energy lost during deceleration and stores it in a high-capacity Electric Double Layer Capacitor (EDLC) which is then used to power the car’s electrical systems. Here’s how the Mazda 6 2.5litre stacks up against other top spec D segments:- . Also, do note that the 3 years warranty is not confirmed.

In it are the manual levelling, auto On/Off halogen lights. Pushing it at a sharp corner, understeer was kept in check and I dare say I’ve not felt a D segment as confident inspiring as the Mazda 6. Gone are the red/blue meters and replaced with the CX-5 like classy white dials. Not to be confused with other technologies with regenerative braking system, the recharge happens when you lift your foot off the accelerator, NOT when you depress the brakes (which is the conventional case for most regenerative braking systems) so some have asked how natural the braking experience is considering other systems causes an unnatural, 2-step-level depress positions. Look down to the right side behind the steering and you’ll find a couple of buttons with symbols not often found in this segment. This is probably as close to a Volvo you can find in a Japanese car when it comes to safety . Mazda is currently running a 5 years warranty 5 years maintenance Chinese New Year promotion package so who knows, perhaps come March when the Mazda 6 is launched, the warranty will be on par with other continental warranty schedules.

As a whole, the car felt nimble and light, the steering is quite chatty for a D segment family car; the traction on the wheels were well communicated to the driver. The answer in the Mazda 6 is it’s perfectly natural …. I love the suspended design of the stalks which follows the conventional Japanese orientation of left side wiper, right side signal. Also part of the flagship spec, keyless entry and push start is also considered quite the normal serving for a car costing this much. I think the car-tyres-peeing-on-the-road symbol is pretty self explanatory. Don’t go looking for a spare tire underneath the boot floor because there isn’t any. Speaking from my personal experience, those punctures I experienced cannot be repaired by such a kit since they were chewed up by sharp edges of potholes so do be careful when driving, especially at the country side. With its good looks, class leading specifications (at its price bracket) and claimed excellent fuel consumption of 17.4km per litre for the 2.0, 15.6km per litre for the 2.5 and GT (surprisingly, the fuel tank size is only 62 litres), it’s certainly going to be a hot seller.

Working hard only is not enough since without that secret recipe that has people from all walks of life flocking to your restaurant, you won’t be much different from seeing Namewee’s opening scene in the movie Nasi Lemak 2.0 where his eatery was empty except for one customer and the rest of the story was how he embarked on a journey to find the perfect recipe. Granted you cannot have a recipe that appeals to ALL, it remains important that you have one that most would agree is good enough to savor again and more importantly, to recommend others to patronize the place. If zero to 100kph is a dinner course, you’d finish it in 10.5 seconds with the 2.0litre and 8.1seconds in the 2.5litre. In the pursuit for the perfect driving experience, Mazda came up with a cooking style called Sky Activ.

Translated to a car, the flavor nowadays are focused on soul moving exterior/interior design, excellent fuel consumption, impressive driving dynamics and cutting edge safety features. We’ve been given the teaser menu titled Takeri which means “Male” in Japanese. We get 3 variants when it goes on sale some time in March. Unfortunately, the 2.o litre was delivered to another dealership when I arrived, leaving only the 2.5litre for me to sample. On the go, the car felt nimble and light, nothing much to shout about really when you’re at crawling speeds moving off car parks. A series of new technology that focuses on specific areas of the car where combined would cause incurable ear-to-ear grinning, some stomach upsets and, in some cases, a hardening of some appendages found within the male body.

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