Tall case clock dating site

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Tall case clock dating site

:: 720 "FREE LOVE" [NEW] The 1969 murder of a soldier at Woodstock is investigated.The probe reveals that the victim was between tours in Vietnam.The probe reveals the victim received a scholarship at a top private school and died shortly after losing a debate at the competitive campus. :: 708 "CHINATOWN" [NEW] The 1983 murder of a Chinese-American teen is reinvestigated. The probe reveals the victim's girlfriend was killed by Chinese gang members three months earlier at a festival and that the dead man may have been seeking revenge. :: 716 "ONE FALL" [NEW] The 1986 murder of a dock worker who moonlighted as a wrestler is investigated.Meanwhile, Valens follows a lead that could result in the capture of his mother's rapist.The boy was wrongly sent to the facility and was killed before Valens could get him released.Meanwhile, Lilly reconnects with former flame Eddie Saccardo.

Meanwhile, Vera helps his former girlfriend locate jewelry stolen from her home.Involved in the investigation is an FBI agent who has been tracking the killer for 30 years and who was responsible for breaking up Stillman's marriage years ago. :: 717 "FLASHOVER" [NEW] The team searches for Vera when he goes missing, and they reinvestigate a 2006 arson-homicide case that Vera obsessed over in recent weeks.Meanwhile, new details emerge about the person who mugged Valen's mother; and Lilly faces additional legal hurdles thrown her way by Moe. :: 703 "JURISPRUDENCE" [R] The 2004 murder of a teen at a juvenile detention center is investigated.

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:: 711 "THE GOOD SOLDIER" [NEW] The 2005 murder of an Army recruiter who was killed just two days before his scheduled deployment to Iraq is reinvestigated after a soldier comes forward with new evidence.

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