Who is bambi dating

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When you say there was a “friend” helping her destroy your image are you referring to Draya? I’m assuming you guys haven’t spoken then since she left the show or had a baby?

Bambi Benson’s roller coaster relationship with Lil Scrappy has entertained Love & Hip Hop Atlanta viewers for three seasons but it was recently revealed that the two are now planning to head down the aisle.

If you look at Scrappy's Instagram page, he seems to want everyone to think he's been doing shows and not boning his ex-girlfriend.

Lil Scrappy and Bambi Benson have been off, then on, then off again, but now it looks like the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta super couple is back on and ready to walk down the aisle. Darryl Richardson with, “When you’re super happy for your friends.” Scrappy’s grandiose proposal included all of their closest friends and family, and in the post above, the Bam’s cousin wrote, “I WAS SUPPOSE TO BE THERE @reallilscrappy you gotta do it over for me!!!!!

Is it hard to keep things private on reality television?

Like on Basketball Wives, is their a way to maneuver that and keep certain things off limits? [Laughs] You might as well just tell the truth because they’re going to find out anyway.

He trashed it and left her to fix it." "She had to pay for it, and he’s never paid her back.

She’s got pictures of everything and if he doesn’t pay her the money he owes her soon she’s going to put him on blast.” It's crazy to think that Bambi was waiting around to begin with.

No, no, I just see and it’s not like I hid stuff and they found it out, I’ve just seen from other people and I’m like, “Okay, yeah, I might as well just tell the truth because I don’t want that to happen to me.” I rather give it to you than you take it and then I’m surprised. You gotta get all that tea from Brandi, I mean Bambi.

I felt like last season Angel took advantage of my kindness.

I felt like her [Laughs] guided her in a way, to try and destroy my image and I felt like with her business I did nothing but to try and promote her.

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Not saying that she needs my help but as one businesswoman to another, just trying to help and I felt like she did things on purpose to try and make it seem like I wasn’t trying to help her so I was in a bad light.