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She has studied medical biology, earned a masters of science degree in management and entrepreneurship and started her first business at age 19.

With her video marketing agency Grunberg PR (grunbergpr.com) she helps SMEs and corporates with their online visibility.

Visiter l'Afrique covers the continent from East to West and from North to South, thanks to the narratives of all those who are passionate about Africa.

Sentini Grunberg (1987) was born and raised in Amsterdam and her parents are from Surinam, South America.

Born and raised in Douala (Cameroon), she left the country at the age of 12, starting a new journey that brought her in France and the US.

She started her career as Chief Editor of Roots Magazine, a French print publication dedicated to African diaspora and Le Monde and TV5.

Currently, Saqib is Founder and CEO of Interpay, a payment processor that seeks to enable digital financial services across emerging markets.

In short, everyone is invited to share their getaway tips!

The day will then conclude with ample time for networking during the social drinks and dinner buffet.

Diane Audrey Ngako, 25, is a creative entrepreneur, avid photographer and journalist.

, and will host different speakers who will bring their perspectives on business in Africa closer to the audience through speeches, Q&A sessions and honorary discussions with students and other business people.

During the breaks, there will be entertaining performances and artists which will ensure the right atmosphere for informal networking and socializing.

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Her first book Joyful Ondernemen is coming out in the beginning of June and is about being fulfilled on your path as an entrepreneur no matter the ups and downs.

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